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    Thanks for visiting our site. Simplistic Living offers services to improve the quality of your life through elimination of unnecessary stuff and organization of the essentials - allowing you to focus on what is truly important to you. We provide residential consulting services related to organization, staging, redesign, merging and downsizing.

  • About Us

    We are Bev and Vern McClelland, two organized perfectionists who reside in beautiful Central Wisconsin.

    Simplistic Living Owners, Bev and Vern

    comma graphicBev is responsible for making the house a home. She is a certified home stager and well versed on clutter control and organizational systems. She offers perceptiveness towards idea resolution to arrive at workable solutions. She has the ability to offer hands-on resolution to the majority of organization and clutter control required around our home.

    comma graphicVern is a retired School Teacher and Principal. He designed our house, drew up the blueprints, and acted as the general contractor during the building of the house. He offers insight into structural, mechanical and electrical opportunities. He has the ability to offer hands-on resolution to the majority of the maintenance required around our home.

    Together, our goal is to provide you confidence in our ability to offer you peace of mind whether you are selling, organizing or changing your home through our home staging, professional organizing, merging, redesigning or downsizing services.

  • Portfolio

    • Kitchen before home stagingKitchen after home staging

      The items on the countertop and refrigerator took away from the rich beauty of this kitchen.

      • • Removed all the items from the refrigerator, top and sides
      • • Put all food items in the cupboards
      • • Put the toaster oven in the cupboard
      • • Kept out the cooking utensils by the stove, the canister set on the counter top, put 3 colorful vases on the counter in the corner and a colorful bowl of fruit on the island

      Resulted in allowing the rich beauty of this kitchen to show itself.

    • Living room before home stagingLiving room after home staging
      Living Room

      Lived in and busy with conflicting styles.

      • • Switched chairs in the corner to match the style
      • • Removed the mirror above the sofa and the blanket on the back of the sofa
      • • Removed the cat perch in front of the window
      • • Placed the books on the coffee table on the book shelf

      Resulted in a much more peaceful space.

    • Office before home stagingOffice after home staging

      Changes do not have to be drastic to make a big impact

      • • Cleaned non-essential items off the desk top, leaving only the computer and desk lamp
      • • Removed items from the top of the bookcase, leaving only the small lamp
      • • Cleaned the items in the bookcase and centered the remaining items for visual balance
      • • Removed the wall picture to reduce the cluttered appearance

      Resulted in a clean, organized, more peaceful environment

    • Dining room before home stagingDining room after home staging
      Dining Room

      A dining room table not ready to eat at

      • • The table became a work station and had to be cleaned off to eat at
      • • The bakers rack had two shelves cluttered with magazines
      • • Removed all the magazines
      • • Spread out the plants
      • • Cleaned off the table

      Resulted in the room being ready to be used for its purpose

    • Home before being staged for saleHome after being staged for sale
      Staged for Sale

      Declutter and optimize the space

      • • Removed the blanket and newspapers on sofa
      • • Cleared items from the book shelves to create space between objects
      • • Removed the video cabinet and boxes
      • • Moved the lounge chair to the corner by the book shelf; resulted in a reading space

      Resulted in a much more peaceful space.

    • Entry space before home stagingEntry space after home staging
      Entry Space

      This space became a catch all spot for itmes in transition, such as coats, purses, mail, etc.

      • • Moved all non essential itmes to other spots in the house where they were better suited

      Resulted in a clean entry space highlighting the beautiful bench

    • Bedroom before home stagingBedroom after home staging
      Guest Bedroom

      No room in the guest bedroom for the guest

      • • This room became a storage space for all the items the homeowner didn't know where to put
      • • We purged, purged and purged some more
      • • The bookcases were removed from the house
      • • The bed was rearranged and made the focal point of the room

      Resulted in this being a great space for guests

    • Master bedroom closet before organizationMaster bedroom closet after organization
      Master Bedroom Closet

      Homeowners disliked the messy look and the white wire shelving

      • • Removed everything
      • • Replaced white wire shelving with wooden shelving units and rods
      • • Provided more shelf area for folded clothes with the ability to see them
      • • Provided velvet flocked hangers for consistency and space optimization

      Resulted in an organized custom-made closet

    • Bookcase before organizationBookcase after organization

      Small area, big impact

      • • Removed all items on the wall; there was just too much stuff in this space
      • • Purged through the books; moved the cookbooks to the kitchen and the business related books to the office
      • • Moved the CDs to the bookcase and removed the CD case
      • • Decluttered the top of the bookcase; there was too much stuff on top of a small space

      Resulted in increasing the size of the area and creating a sense of peace by not having so many conflicting things to look at

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  • Professional Organization

    Stack of organization boxes

    We provide a process driven approach to organizing your home. This may involve one room or all rooms in the home. We will work side-by-side with you from beginning to end; sorting, purging, organizing, installing products and placing things in their new space. The end goal is to simplify your day-to-day life through establishing a system that works for you!

  • Certified Home Staging

    Rose on a bed

    Providing a neutral viewpoint to prepare your home before listing it for sale is an important first step. Simplistic Living provides you with a detailed recommendation of steps to take to ensure your home is viewed in its best outward appearance and help you through the process to the extent you are comfortable with. The end goal is to attract the largest pool of buyers, helping you realize a higher selling price in a shorter time frame.

  • Redesign

    fabric swatches

    We provide ideas for redesigning your home when you are ready for a change and aren't sure where to start or how to put it together. This is similar to home staging except you are doing it for yourself and you will continue to enjoy it. This may involve something as simple as paint or as drastic as altering the purpose of a room. The end goal is to renew, transform, and make your space more enjoyable.

  • Merging Households

    Couple merging household

    We provide assistance merging households together. This could be a result of getting married, having a child move home, merging with your elderly parents or some other situation that causes you to share your home with someone else. This is a combination of organization and redesign. The end goal is decorating and organizing the home in a manner that pleases all involved.

  • Downsizing

    Items to be sold from downsizing

    We provide assistance with sorting through many years of memories and possessions to prepare for the transition to smaller living quarters or to simply create space. The end goal is to build a life that is easier, less complicated and more rewarding.